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As I posted before, I was reading The Happiness Project, which I am enjoying. But it just wasn’t scratching the itch I had. I needed some creativity injections of one form or another. I was lamenting my problem to my friend Ducky. She suggested a book called The Artist’s Way. I poked around and read the reviews for the book and the reviews were pretty phenomenal. This book was designed for those of us creative types that are just feeling really blocked, fancy that! So, within an hour of her suggesting the book, I went and bought The Artist’s Way Starter Kit (which was cheaper than I had anticipated on Amazon). The Artist’s Way is a 12 week project, which made me balk at first. I wanted to see results in really short order, not wait weeks for it. However, I figured it certainly couldn’t hurt anything since I wasn’t really making any progress on my own, what’s a few more weeks? Good things come to those who wait and all that, right? Well, I am on week four and things are going along pretty swimmingly, I recommend the book, highly.

In the interim, I was contemplating what would break me out of my block. So, I sat and thought about what could be causing it. I have also been suffering from what the french call, ennui. I had been a bit of a hermit for quite some time. I was not really doing anything extracurricular other than taking Riley and Jada to the dog park, or for a walk. So no external influences or social time was really happening, except the occasional hanging out with Eowyn and Kass in the main house.

Well, one day I was perusing Facebook and noted that there was an open salsa lessons at a local dance studio for $10.00 on Friday nights that you do not need a partner for. I had always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance, ever since I was little. However, I had never been interested in paying the exorbitant fee that most dance studios want to charge. I figured a $10.00 non-committal dance lesson was perfect. I went, and I had a ball. I have gone a few times now, I daresay that it is something I will continue.

I then started making a more concerted effort to make dates with my friends. I started going out to late night coffee dates, and random adventures with Ducky, who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. I went to the beach because I had the opportunity with another friend who was going clamming (even though I don’t eat clams). I hung out with Robyn and Morrigan and brushed up on a couple tea nights I had been missing out on. I invited Suzi and Adam to come hang out and we discussed all things Vegan. I also have a dinner party lined up with some old friends this weekend.

Socially, my calendar is full enough that I am having to schedule some down time and work time for myself. I forgot how much I enjoy being a social creature, it had been quite some time since I partook in the luxury of it. I can honestly say that I am blessed with the friends I have, both new and old. It has done my soul a lot of good to be out and happy with my friends. I had not realized that I had become as closed off as I had.

In an effort to reach out to friends, I also realized that I had a woodworker friend (buy his stuff, it’s lovely and reasonably priced) that had been offering me some shop time if I wanted to come learn. I finally decided to make the time to take him up on his offer. I now have week day devoted to shop time!  I am making a cutting board to start, and have a bunch of other projects lined up that he is happy to teach me. Getting back into woodworking is something I have wanted to do since I was in middle school, so it has been superb being in a shop again and working on things. I forgot how much I like making things with my hands.

Slowly my creative desires are manifesting themselves. I’m finding time to read again, and have been really uninspired to watch much television (read: Netflix). I have been more productive and getting back the enthusiasm to dive further into making dreads and hair products. Even finishing some projects that have been on my workbench for awhile, and starting on others. All in time for the festival season to begin! So I have been looking forward to potential festivals to merchant at. If you’re looking to buy some dread falls right now is a good time before I get slammed with orders.

I am looking forward to a productive and fun spring! I know a number of you are writers and creative types! How do you motivate or inspire yourself out of a creative block?


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