The Value of Time

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melissa and I

My sister and I with her new arrival. Did I mention I am an Aunt!?

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”  Jim Rohn

I find that I am blessed with a feeling of gratitude when I stop and consider my life. Where I am now, versus where I was 2 years ago. I am happier than I have been in many years, my biggest complaints are really kind of minuscule when I give it any real thought. I have a fantastic living situation, where I truly love and care for the people I share space with. In a lot of ways, they have taught me to have faith in people again. My heart and spirit had been dashed a lot before I came to live here. It has been a revitalizing experience.

I cannot get over how cute this little guy is. (I'm an Aunt!)

I cannot get over how cute this little guy is. (I’m an Aunt!) I promise this might be the last baby related picture… for this post.

I work for myself, but in the winter time business is not so booming.  I figured that I should get a job, just to tide me over through the lean points. One of my favorite people commented to me, “You have the luxury of taking any kind of job you want. You’re not interested in a career, so let that mentality slip away. Find a job you enjoy and can take pride in. Don’t worry about what it pays, or what people think.” I held that in my mind, and the universe provided. Synchronicity.

I saw a job posting for a position as a delivery driver for a local Tacoma CSA that delivers organic produce that I had been using for quite some time. Excited, and with no previous driving experience, I applied for this job. My cover letter was rather enthusiastic, to put it mildly. I got an interview the next day. Long story short, I was hired as office staff, blue hair and all. I’m thrilled and I love my job, my co-workers, my boss, and I’m proud that I work there. I only work two days a week and I am allowed to bring Riley into work. What’s not to love? I’m two months in and still look forward to going to work every day.

So, I get to work part-time, while working on my business. I have enough time to hang out with my friends, family and my dog. My sister had a baby and my work was supportive about the fact that I may need to leave at any moment to go to her (by the way, she had the cutest baby on earth, as I predicted). I have time. The reason I have time, is because I do not need a lot financially to scrape by or flourish. Which leaves more time, and a little more money to pursue things I enjoy, whatever they may be. Which lately has involved salsa dancing, wood working, a lot of late night coffee dates with friends, dinner parties with old friends, and having adventures with new ones.

So, as spring approaches I am looking forward to spending more time in the outdoors. I cannot wait to get hiking a lot more, and seeing Eowyn’s garden grow! Having time to hang out and enjoy the season is something I am looking forward to. I’m noticing the trees starting to bud and flower and that fills me with immense joy. The weather, wild as it has been, is invigorating me with the sun breaks through our stormy Washington weather. I even saw a rainbow today.

The Fortune Cookie, rounding almost two years is still solid and steadfast. A lot of people seem to worry about getting into a tiny house and not liking it. I can happily say I have not had one ounce of regret about living in a tiny house. I love the fact that I live a bit of a minimalist life now. I buy less, I eat better, I spend more time outside, and I have a space that inspires me to be in a creative mindset. It is still very much home, and I love it.

Recently Abel reminded me that as I am coming up on my two year marker, that I will need to clean and coat my shingles here soon. I’m a little nervous about this endeavor, as climbing ladders has never been a favorite of mine. However, I think it might be fun to get a work party together and see if I can convince people to help me clean and coat my house. I will likely have to do this come May or June when the weather is consistent enough to bust out the tools and not get rained on. Either way, I imagine that will be a really entertaining blog post at some point. I will take pictures for all of you, as I know you’ll likely laugh at the hilarity that will ensue.

A lot of things in my life have changed in the last few years. I blame a lot of it on tiny house living, in conjunction with my efforts to be more happy. I appreciate the time it has afforded me, as I do not have to work so hard to chase a dollar. I appreciate the fact that I need a lot less to get by in general, and that the ‘keeping up with the Jones’ ” mentality has disappeared. I find that I am a lot more in tune with my happiness, and how things affect it, both mentally and emotionally. I had a tiny worry at one point that I might not like tiny living after a couple years. Tiny house living has rewarded me in so many ways. I love my life.


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  • avatar Chuck Bass

    This vardo idea could be used for a hotel.

    I’m Chuck Bass

  • Excellent post! A few months ago I mentioned to my husband that driving a delivery truck for a grocery service would be fun. I may have to follow your lead and check into that. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, he’s precious. Our son was visiting last night and the subject of Tiny Homes came up as he’s at a position in life where he’s thinking of buying a house. I showed him your blog and he was very impressed with the design of the house and the idea of parking in a friend’s back yard. His thought on that was to rent space in a back yard until the house was paid for and then invest in property to move the house to, maybe even have enough property so that others can lease space for their own tiny houses.

  • Wow Judith! That’s amazing! I’m flattered.

    I long for the day that I can live in a tiny house community of sorts. :) One day!

  • Hi Kera,

    Love your vardo and story! I just moved into my own tiny wheely house on Whidbey Island in November. I hadn’t thought of cleaning and coating the cedar shingles. I’ll be looking forward to your post on that. Any resources you suggest for the nitty gritty on that? Cheers!

    • Angela! Thanks! Yeah, cleaning and coating should be fun. I’ll probably have someone snap shots as I tackle that project! The resource I have is Abel Zimmerman, my builder. He’s a smart cookie that guy.

      Also your blog and photos are lovely! It’s nice to have another local tiny house’r in the Washington area!

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