The Spring of Hope

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Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

I sit here with candles lit, I just turned on the stove for tea, and my Spotify radio tuned into classical music. Winter is almost over and the spring rain is returning in my part of the world. The sound of the rain pattering against my walls and windows always gives me a sense of joy, as it is a musical sound. The busy holiday season is over and the sun is staring to peek through the clouds again. The sign that spring is officially here is I have running water again because the garden hose leading to my house has thawed (I know, I’m so classy it hurts).

Looking back on things, I realize I have been in The Fortune Cookie for almost two years at this point. I cannot believe that much time has almost passed by. I have really loved my existence in my tiny house. The whole experience is one blessing after another. The Fortune Cookie continues to teach me a lot about myself and my capabilities. It’s a constant source of inspiration and encourages me to continue dreaming. I appreciate both the closeness of loved ones and solitude it grants me. 

I note that my decorating is a constant source of change as well. I keep my eyes out constantly for more efficient furniture and storage ideas that will add to my space, not detract from it (Pinterest, I equally shake my fist and cheer at thee). I have a friend who is teaching me woodworking. I am excited that I get to build things. I am starting out simple, with a cutting board that will fit over my sink, and then some other odds and ends. But some of the future projects are going to involve storage benches in my house. Specifically designed to hold the excess hair packaging for dreads that I have kicking around in here. As that is a frequent annoyance for me. I am an ‘everything in it’s place’ type of person, and I have too many things that doesn’t have a place to be. Plus, I do not find large Rubbermaid totes in my living space that awesome.

I have a few other projects in here too. I think I am going to install a full length mirror in my bathroom on the door. I keep moving my mirror around my house and I think it may have worn out it’s welcome, as I can’t mount this particular mirror. If any of you have some crafty ideas on how to make a $10.00 full length mirror look classy, I am open to suggestions.

I finally decided I might get rid of the plants I have in here. I realize as much as I love greenery, I need to come up with a better way to do it. The heat and cold variance in here is killing even the hardy plants, as I don’t keep an even temperature in here during the winter. Also, the plant stand is taking up a valuable corner of my house I have decided that I want back. Possibly for bench space. I think it will open things up in here though. Once my benches are complete, I will likely re-purpose the sitting poufs as well. I will also likely give my wine bottle rack to someone, as I usually only have one bottle of wine at a time, if any.

I am considering throwing up some shelves up in the kitchen out of baskets I mount sideways. I want somewhere to put my bread without squishing it, as well as some of my other odds and ends. My tiny counter needs some more room I think and I want to utilize it, because I am spending a lot more time in my kitchen again since I went vegan. Which I am really enjoying.

When the weather starts to warm up and dry out a bit more I’ll have to clean and treat my shingles. I’m thinking a work party might be in order to help the short gal scrub her house. That will lighten up the wood on The Fortune Cookie a bit as I’ve been under a large pine tree for about a year now, and that impacts the color of the wood on my house. I will have a friend standing by to get pictures of that in action, it should be a fun time. That probably won’t happen until May or June though.

In other news, I’ve been super busy hence the sporadic posting (sorry!). However, I have some excuse. My sister just had a baby and he is the cutest infant that has ever graced the planet, and that has been a bit distracting.  I also started a part time job working as an office assistance for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) company, so that has taken up a bit of my free time. I will update about both of those in more detail soon.

How is the end of winter treating all of you?



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6 comments to The Spring of Hope

  • Excited to see your woodworking creations! I love an over the sink cutting board, I have one too. Wish mine had a concave area in it so I could use my mezzaluna on it. I mounted an Ikea rod on the wall and use hooks and a wire bread basket hanging from the hooks to hold my bread or fruit up off the counter.

  • You can make a frame for your mirror (a tablesaw and sanding block would be minimum tools for this). If it had a notch (aka: rabbet) to hold the mirror glass… you could just screw the frame to your door (with the mirror in the notch, of course) and you would have a mounted mirror!

  • avatar Charles

    Right there with Abel; I’d suggest swinging by the Hardware Store, or the Habitat for Humanity store, or a old building materials recycler, etc to find some unique trim with to put around it! Can probably frame up a $10 mirror for $30 or so…but then you’ll actually like it, keep it, and it’ll be worth every penny! OR…you get lucky and find a great deal on 20′ of trim scrap you can put together, etc…etc. Good luck!

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