New Item: Her Majesty’s Locks

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This is a set of dread falls that will make you feel like a Queen. Drawing inspiration from Queen Elizabeth I (a most noteworthy red head), this fantastic set of dread falls combines a number of different reds, burgundy, copper, dark brunette, black, gold and blonde to match with a variety of hair types and colors. This beautiful set of dread falls has layered dreads that range from 13 to 17 inches in length

This gorgeous set is mounted on two elastic bands to allow you to style your hair in a pony tail or pigtails to attach these lovely ‘locks. I had a particularly hard time putting this set up for sale as I wanted to keep them for myself.

To purchase, head on over to the Etsy Listing for this item! Keep an eye out for more!  I will be posting a blonde set soon!


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