The Fortune Cookie Gets Published

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coffeeI am currently sitting at Coffee Girl, a delicious little coffee shop in Astoria, Oregon. I’m staring out the window into the sea. There is a fog over the water, and it’s a misting kind of rain. I have a salted caramel almond milk mocha in front of me. There is a the stupidest grin on my face. At this moment I am unsure if it is possible for me to be happier.

I’ve spent the weekend up in Astoria with my new man. We’ve been playing on the beach, enjoying local restaurants, and one another. He was called here to work, and invited me to spend a few days with him. Luckily, my days off were accommodating so I could take him up on it. I haven’t hung out beach side in Oregon in a long while. It’s been nice to take in the ocean again. The Seaside/Cannon Beach/Astoria area has always been a love of mine.

I have had so much to be grateful for lately, it makes it hard to choose what to write about. However, I would like to give some updates! There has been a lot of Fortune Cookie love as of late and I’d like to give a shout out.

A few years ago, Lloyd Kahn sent me an email asking me to send him some photos of The Fortune Cookie. He wanted to include me in his new book. Truthfully, I thought the email was spam at first. It floored me that THE Lloyd Kahn wanted me in his book. When I told Abel, the builder of The Fortune Cookie, about it he was ecstatic.

Fast forward to now. Out of nowhere I get a package in the mail with the book from Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes on the Move. He includes two full size copies and two tiny books that are the size of a match box. I’ve earmarked one of the big copies for Abel, and I am keeping the other for myself. If you pick up the book, I’m on pages 99 – 100. The other houses, house trucks, caravans, and boats in this book are phenomenal. I’m honored to be included in this collection of beautiful homes. Go and buy a copy, it’s a fabulous coffee table book of inspiration.

Talking to my mom later, I mentioned that I had recently had a small feature in a documentary, and also a book. My mom gets all snuffly and said, “I have always called you my star.” Thanks mom. She pointed out that I’m now a published author, as well as in a movie. I laughed and mentioned it was just a small feature. She sort of snorted at me and said, “you’re famous!”

lloyd kahnIt’s been interesting, as I submitted the info for the book and documentary about two years ago. It’s sort of surreal to have it come to fruition now,  in a day and age where we are accustomed to instant gratification.

The Tiny House Movement seems to be gaining some headway, finally! In the Pacific Northwest, I’ve seen it gain some serious traction. It’s hard to drive anywhere without running into a tiny house on wheels in some form or another. It excites me greatly.

What I am really hoping is that we make some headway on some Tiny House communities soon. So many people are living in situations that aren’t entirely legal for one reason or another. Most of it being state, county, or city laws that are archaic and seemingly interested only in profit from property taxes.

My dream is to eventually own property on a plot of land. I would like to get out of the urban sprawl at some point. I’d like to be out of the view of street lights and block parties. I would like something a little more secluded so that I can enjoy the moon and stars at night. Ideally, I would like a community living situation. I will eventually start making steps in that direction, but I remain mystified about where I want to start. This is especially true in light of laws governing what you can and can’t do with your own plot of land.

I remain hopeful as the movement gains momentum.


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View from the hammock in the yard.

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View from the hammock in the yard.

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The finished project. I love it!

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Gluing the cutting board bottom on.

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what everyone else is doing

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Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

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Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

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