Fall is Upon Us

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Don't they just make you want to put them in a big pile so you can jump in them?

Don’t they just make you want to put them in a big pile so you can jump in them?

Dreadnaught Darling has been getting a lot of traffic lately! So, hello to all my new readers, even if you’re only stopping by for a minute! I received a fantastic honor of being on a Top 7 list of Tiny Houses on July 15th and have been seeing a lot of new faces because of that. I was super flattered to see my fantastic abode listed alongside some amazing other tiny houses!

I realized the other day that The Fortune Cookie is now two years old. I have been living here for two whole years! Looking back, it is hard to picture my life before living here. It is even harder to imagine who I would be today if not for my lovely home. I wrote a post last year chronicling The Fortune Cookie’s birthday. In an odd way, not a whole lot has changed since that point. But in a number of ways things have really stayed the same.

I am still happily residing in the Tacoma, Washington area in the backyard of a couple of fantastic friends. Eowyn’s garden is doing well and it has been fun to watch the pumpkins come in. I am also excited to get to eat some pumpkin pie here soon. Just the other day Kass acquired a medieval ballista, and has been using the backyard as missile practice. Logan, their son, is almost three now. It has been a joy to watch him grow. I have to adore a child that makes my name sound like an exclamation every time he says it.

My dad finally came out and saw my house for the first time around my birthday in August. I was his first visit after buying a new car that would actually make it all the way down to my place. He and along with my sister, and my little nephew, Hendrix. It was nice to have them come take a peek. Dad seemed a little underwhelmed, but I think he’s used to hearing me talk about my house enough that it is sort of old hat.

My business Dreadnaught Darling has certainly picked up in online sales this past year. I have added new products like braid falls, wigs, and braid extensions. My classic dreadlocks have been doing well as well. I am planning on adding some ‘natural looking’ dread falls to the lineup this year. Just in time for me to merchant Barter Faire.

I have traveled a bit this year, and have a few other grand merchant adventures ahead of me. I am even venturing a few new shows and locations. The weekend of October 18 – 20th I will even be vending at Barter Faire, which I am really looking forward to. Come out and see me if you are remotely local. It should be a really fun event, and my last one of the season.

Sorry I have been really bad about updating as of late. This summer was super hectic and I was traveling between here and Oregon a lot for merchanting. I lost some steam when it came to blogging. However, I have really missed blogging here. It provides an outlet, and an excuse to take in the things around me a little bit more. 

The Fortune Cookie is still doing wonderfully, and I am loving every minute of living in my house. It’s reaching that time of year where the mornings are crisp and a little cold. The heater is coming on and sweaters have emerged from my Rubbermaid bin from under my house.

Though the gentleman who built my house, Abel, is building another Fortune Cookie designed house. So, I think I may need to rename my beautiful abode! Give it a name like most houses of notoriety. Feel free to weigh in here, should I rename my house? Give it a distinctly unique name, or stick with the old name? The new house Abel is building is going to be different than mine, a little longer and a different interior. I find myself totally excited for Abel, and slightly sad for myself. It’s sort of silly, but I enjoyed being the only Fortune Cookie on the market for the last few years. However, Abel has a fantastic eye, and I am not remotely surprised that someone else wanted this design. I’m honestly surprised that it took someone this long!

I enjoy this time of year because I get to break out the hot chocolate and apple cider. My work season slows down a lot, so I have the chance to read and write a lot more. NaNoWriMo starts in November. I also get to spend some more time on my crafts. I hope to get some sewing, embroidery, and some jewelry making done in time for Christmas gifts this year. I’ve been making sure to take Riley for a walk when I can. It won’t be long until the six months of straight rain that we’re accustomed to settles upon us. I love this time of year for the clear, crisp days. But dread it a little, as it means I’m going to be doing nothing but washing my floors daily due to the mud my little dog tracks in. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. It also means that it is that time of year where I need to level my house, and turn the trailer tires. My house has a bit of a lean, which is great when I’ve dropped a pen, but a tad weird otherwise.

That’s a quick update for now. What are your favorite things about fall? Tell me in the comments!  I will be posting more this fall and winter, stay tuned!


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Some Days It’s A Little Hairy In Here

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Set I lovingly named “Tree Hugger” that I made recently

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Some Personal Touches

The finished project. I love it!

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Gluing the cutting board bottom on.

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Green Up Your Beauty Regimen: The Mane Question – No Poo Method, Hair Dyes and Henna

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Picture of me recently from when I had my hair blue and pink. Picture by Patrick Colvin.

This is part seven of a multi-part series on Green Beauty alternatives. The rest of the series can be found [here]

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The Value of Time

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My sister and I with her new arrival. Did I mention I am an Aunt!?

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

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The Artist’s Way

what everyone else is doing

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As I posted before, I was reading The Happiness Project, which I am enjoying. But it just wasn’t scratching the itch I had. I needed some creativity injections of one form or another. I was lamenting my problem to my friend Ducky. She suggested a book . . . → Read More: The Artist’s Way

The Spring of Hope

Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

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Interior view of The Fortune Cookie. Photo by Scott Haydon

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The Happiness Project

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Dreadnaught Darling Presents: Kraash

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A photo of the lovely Kraash. Dreads by Dreadnaught Darling, elf coat by Clover Creek Baby and photo by Patrick Colvin

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Being Vegan: An Adventure You Weren’t Warned About

vegan revolution

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