Dating and Tiny Living

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Before I started the building process for my tiny house, I toured a few tiny houses locally. The first person I sought out was Dee Williams in Olympia. While touring her beautiful home, I asked her a ton of questions. A lot of them I could tell she had a stock answer for. As a tiny house dweller, you get used to people asking you about your bathroom, kitchen, and dwelling habits, and you develop a bit of a standard response. There was a series of questions I had that I could tell she chewed on for a moment.

“How does dating work out for you? Do you find that having a tiny house impacts your dating life?” I asked her earnestly. Curious if it ever had a negative impact on her.

She stared at me, then a wry grin formed on her face. She gave me a point blank answer that I appreciate to this day. “Well, obviously if it is an issue, they are not someone you should be dating. It is certainly a good way to weed people out, don’t ya think?”

When I was in the process of The Fortune Cookie being built, I was waiting for my 1000 square foot house to sell. I had quit my job, and I had broke up with my boyfriend of a couple years. Fact of the matter is, I was nursing a broken heart and I was not in the market for a man when I commissioned Abel to build my house. I did not design my house with the idea that anyone else would be residing there besides my dog, and myself.

There is something thing you learn quickly when dwelling in a small space. There are people who take up your space, and there are people who meld with your space. I have friends who will come over, sit on a chair or on the floor and simply become one with my house. They seem to take up no additional room, never manage to be in the way, and are comfortable.

Then there are other guests that enter your house. Their presence seems to fill the space. They are unable to perch upon your chairs without looking rather uncomfortable. They manage to somehow be in your way any time you move, even when stationary. You get used to this, and you learn to navigate these situations easily after a while. But it is something that you note in the back of your mind. This feeling is not related to a persons size. I have friends that are large that take up no room, and friends that are tiny that seem to take up my whole space.

Getting creative with furniture.

Getting creative with furniture.

I had an old friend stay over for a week the Thanksgiving before last. He blended with my space perfectly. He put his bag in a place it was never in my way, with no guidance on my part. He could perch upon any chair and be comfortable. He was happy to read, or write and entertain himself when I was busy puttering around my house. It was grand, and gave me hope that having company in my house could be seamless.

Fast forward to April. I met a gentleman when I wasn’t looking. We started out at a tea house for our first date, antiquing and coffee for a second, dinner at his place and so on. After many dates, it boiled down to him coming to my place. I wasn’t exactly nervous for him to see my space, but I was innately curious how it would go. I love my space, and I really liked him. I wanted him to like my space, and feel comfortable in it.

He entered my space, and with a sigh of relief I quickly found that he was the type that fits perfectly into my house. He only seemed to lift an eyebrow at my tiny bathroom. He’s broad shouldered and it was a bit of a tight fit, seeing as that area also houses some of my storage. After a couple visits I purged my house of some belongings and opened up the space a little more.

My seating arrangements aren’t terribly comfy for anyone but me, but I will kinda perch anywhere. I’d been rolling around some ideas for seating. I do not regularly entertain, so it had not been high on my list of priorities. For a number of years I had debated building boxes for seating. So I have storage and a seat. I managed to acquire the perfect antique box at Sanford and Son’s, and later the perfect sized pillow at Goodwill to cover it. Eowyn was sweet and covered the ugly pink paisley pillow with a beautiful green upholstery fabric.

The wonderful man and I have been dating over a year now. I asked him the other day to give me his opinion on how it was to date someone who lived in a tiny house. He first commented that it was a strange thing for me to ask, as where I lived was not important. But he mulled on it a bit and came back with this, “At first I was a little intrigued by the whimsy of it all. But after the initial experience of seeing the efficiency of the space, and the beautiful architecture of the space, it was simply a house. A well built and beautiful house.

The follow up question people ask is regarding tiny houses and sex. I will address that in my next post. Stay tuned.

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View from the hammock in the yard.

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View from the hammock in the yard.

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Set I lovingly named “Tree Hugger” that I made recently

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The finished project. I love it!

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Gluing the cutting board bottom on.

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My sister and I with her new arrival. Did I mention I am an Aunt!?

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what everyone else is doing

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